Selling Cell Phones-Ipads-Electronics to save the Environment

Brad Armstrong with Pace Butler Corporation will share the benefits of recycling used tech devices, such as cell phones, iPads, hand held devices, etc. According to the World Economic Forum, each person in the United States and Canada produces over 44 pounds of tech waste annually. That is over 367 million pounds every year. Often, the toxic components of those devices pollute the groundwater and earth, poisoning our precious resources. This dumping of tech devices is usually due to the lack of knowledge of WHAT to do with a company‚Äôs old tech assets. How do you recycle or reuse old cellphones? Who can use years old iPads? With a lack of knowing what to do with boxes of devices, there is generally only one result---throwing them away. I will give your membership not only an earth friendly way to dispose of old tech devices, I will also share with them how those devices can actually HELP underprivileged persons around the world. By choosing to sell these assets to a company that repurposes electronic devices, you are not only helping our environment, but also allowing churches, missionaries, and other organizations to get these used devices into the hands of people who otherwise would never be able to afford one. In the past five years, PaceButler has prevented 1,644,426 cell phones and 292,603 pounds of other electronics from enter landfills and polluting our environment.  He will share how we can help do our part to recycle, repurpose and conserve! Check out his website: