Let's Welcome Jeff Gabelsberg, RYLA Chair,
He will visit with us about the upcoming Ryla camp and how we can help! Here is their link: https://rotary5750.org/sitepage/nbsp-ryla/ryla 
Time to get ready for the best week of the year… RYLA!!! And WOW, has it been a crazy year. Last year, as you know, we decided to lean into the challenges of the pandemic. Working with our team of Alumni (Counselors, etc.), we created eRYLA, which was held in July of 2020. We were delightfully surprised at how the students progressed through eRYLA so similarly to what we expect to see in person. We also saw virtually no attrition. They learned so much, grew so much and had fun! 


Each student receives a secure login with access to our unique website (all Zoom links and activities are built into the site) and a retreat crate (with all of their supplies for eRYLA activities).  We would love to schedule a time to Zoom in to one of your club meetings to present this program.Costs: Camper = $300 (first year students) Trailblazers = $300 (second year students) Junior and Senior Counselors, as well as other admin staff (all alumni): Included in program costs.

Contact Information: Chair: Jeff Gablesberg, 904-509-4497, RYLAup5750@gmail.com

Bridget Markwood, 218-341-5717, CampRYLA@yahoo.com 

or for Google, Bridget.L.Markwood@gmail.com