Senate Issues and Covid 19 Impact
Senator Mary B. Boren
Hometown Norman, OK her Occupation: Educator/Attorney
Mary Boren (Democratic Party) is a member of the Oklahoma State Senate, representing District 16. She assumed office on November 16, 2018. Her current term ends on November 15, 2022.
Mary Boren earned a bachelor's degree from Cameron University and a law degree from the University of Oklahoma. Boren is employed as an estate and legacy manager with The Salvation Army. She began volunteering with Oklahoma Lawyers for Children in 1997 and helped to found the Trinity Legal Aid Clinic in 2007.
Senator Boren has been involved and advocates for Teaching and the Public Schools, Healthcare, Jobs & Employment. Let’s Welcome her to share some of the ongoing challenges in our state and her insight on Covid 19 and it’s affects and challenges.
Boren was assigned to the following committees: