Let's Welcome Gary Good!

President and founder of Gary Good Entertainment & Speakers Bureau, Gary attended school in Oklahoma including John Marshall, Oklahoma Military Academy and The University of Central Oklahoma. Gary started his company in 1970 where the primary business was entertainment booking and producing. A band leader and musician for nearly 15 years, Gary grew up in the world of music and entertainment. His father, Al Good was a long time nationally known orchestra leader and his mother, Bettie Dunham Good was a vocalist. Good followed suit and was a bandleader himself for nearly 15 years. Deciding to leave the stage and concentrate on the business of booking and producing shows, Gary retired from performing in 1984. At this point his business began to flourish. Booking artists such as Toby Keith, Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Don Henley, Doobie Brothers and hundreds of others, Good concentrated on private and corporate events as well as festivals. Adding the speakers bureau in 1986 and expanding operations to include the entire United States, Canada and Mexico. The speakers bureau started out mainly booking celebrity speakers such as sports figures, actors and entertainers because of his affiliation and knowledge of the entertainment industry. Diane Keaton, Debbie Reynolds, Bart Starr, Lee