Archer on Red Shield Private Investigations

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Area

Chuck Loughlin is a professional, discreet and accomplished investigator with 20 years of experience. He can provide exceptional investigative support in both criminal and civil matters. His skill set can be an asset to your already very capable team. Also Investigator and Mitigator for Oklahoma County Public Defender's office 15 yr plus experience. Oklahoma State Council on Law Enforcemnet Education and Training Certified, Armed Private Investigator-Private Investigations. US Army Counter Intelligence- The Army Counterintelligence (CI) Program requires its members to be mature, intelligent, and personable to carry out the broad range of CI functions to detect, identify, exploit, and neutralize the foreign intelligence and security services (FISS) and international terrorist organizations (ITO) threats targeting U.S. forces. The CI Special Agent has to be able to operate independently and be relied upon to make sound judgments in the absence of higher leadership or supervision. The CI Special Agent also has to interact with senior officials from both U.S., and host-nation military, civilian law enforcement, intelligence, and security agencies. This requires that personnel applying for the Army CI Program be among the most professional and competent Soldiers in the Army. University of Central Oklahoma- Philosophy-Political Science- History 1991-1994.

Mr. Loughlin will share Private Investigative Analysis and how Covid has affected the industry.