Let's Welcome State Auditor Cindy Byrd:

Cindy Byrd, CPA, is Oklahoma’s 13th State Auditor & Inspector, the first woman elected to this statewide-elected office, and she is the only candidate to top the 800,000-vote milestone in an election for state office in Oklahoma History.

Byrd served as Deputy State Auditor & Inspector for Local Government Services from January 2013 before assuming her new role on January 14, 2019. She also previously served as Director of the County Audit Division.

The State Auditor & Inspector’s primary function is to safeguard public assets. Cindy is at the forefront of this mission by striving to identify wasteful spending, assisting elected officials to fully understand their fiduciary responsibility to preserve the public trust, effectively administer government auditing standards to be utilized as tools to create more responsive government at every level, and to improve the efficient delivery of government services.

Cindy and her husband Steve live in Coalgate located in Coal County, Oklahoma.