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Interested in becoming a member of Bricktown Rotary?

Download an Application

Pay the $50 Application fee

Here is what you need to know.

ATTENDANCE: Members are asked to attend our club's weekly meetings. If you are unable to attend a meeting, never fear. One of the cool things about being a Rotarian is that you can attend a Rotary meeting anywhere in the world. When traveling, it's a great idea to check out the local Rotary club and exchange flags.
If you can't make a Monday Bricktown Rotary meeting, attending one of the other local clubs, (or any club) within 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after your missed meeting, counts toward attendance. You can even makeup at one of the online e-clubs.

DUES: Dues for Bricktown Rotary are $800 per year, billed in installments of $200 per quarter. Dues include food and two beverages (including beer or wine) at each Bricktown Rotary meeting.  We are a "Sustaining Club" which means that $100 / year of each members' dues goes straight into a special fund dedicated to eradicating polio worldwide.

SERVICE: We seek energetic people interested in making our community better through being actively involved.  There are several fund raisers and many service projects throughout the year in which you can participate.  Most importantly, if you have an idea or project that is important to you, this is where you will find participants more than willing to help you make it a reality.


A person wanting to join Bricktown Rotary must:

1.  Attend at least 4 club meetings BEFORE becoming eligible for membership*,

2.  Fill out and sign a membership application, acknowledging his/her commitment to the principles of Bricktown Rotary,

3.  Ask an active Bricktown Rotary member to sponsor his/her proposed membership application,

4.  Submit the application to the President or Secretary for consideration by Board and club members**, and

5.  Provide a $50 membership fee upon being approved for membership.


*A person may attend 2 meetings and apply for membership. Must have attended 4 meetings before his or her induction to the club.

**The President or Secretary will ask the Bricktown Rotary Board to consider the application.  If approved by the Board, the President will post the applicant's name and occupation for comment from all club members for two weeks.  If a legitimate reason is voiced by a member of why someone should not be a member of the club, then the President will ask the Board to make a final decision.