Apr 18, 2022 5:30 PM AT 1492 LATIN CUISINE at Casady Square
Kelsey Walters-Agricultural Economist
Agriculture Economist, farmer, and cartographer Farming & Agriculture in Moldova

Let's welcome Kesley,

After graduating from OSU, she served in the United States Peace Corps as a volunteer in the Agriculture and Rural Business program. Upon completion of her Peace Corps service, she married Yuri, a Moldovan businessman. Together they established a farming LLC and began to reorganize a soviet collective farm in the south of Moldova on the border with Ukraine. After 10 years, their operation has grown to over 6,000 acres with 35 employees in two villages. They produce wheat, corn, canola, barley, and Sunflowers. 

She an economist, mom and so much more, she will share with us life in Ok and Moldova.